Ucluelet and Environs

lighthouseWhere in the world is Ucluelet?


Drive north from Seattle into Canada and take the Tsawwassen ferry to Nanaimo, and head northwest.

Last time we stayed in Tofino, but this time we stayed at a house in Ucluelet. We ended up back in Tofino much of the time, but enjoyed the beautiful vistas near the place we stayed.  See the pics below.



The Olympic Coast: Magic and Mystery

Enjoy the slideshow…

Bring the Camera, Leave the Dog: Peter Skene Ogden State Scenic Viewpoint

We didn’t know that the name of the park at the time. The stretch of road was like any other. After all, we were on our way to our final destination. We stopped here just to use the facilities, but stayed for the view.

In a previous post about that fantastical place, Bend, Oregon, there was a mention of the things we saw along the way, namely the Peter Skene Ogden State Scenic Viewpoint.

In fact, we were immediately greeted by this sign.Peter Skene Ogden State Scenic Viewpoint MapPeter Skene Ogden State Scenic Viewpoint Warning to Dogs We did not have a dog, but I did have my camera.

What is this state park viewpoint off US Route 97?


We were gifted with a breathtaking view of the Crooked River featuring a railroad bridge and a high pedestrian bridge.

And several photographic gorgeous gorge moments.

Stars of the Ocean

When I was growing up in the Midwest, I always saw the old brown dried starfish that was part of the bounty that came back from the ocean.  I thought that was how they really looked.

But to see real sea stars in their natural habitat–that’s been just amazing. I spied these gems on the beach in Tofino, Canada, during  low tide.



For the Love of Bend

When I ask people about Bend, Oregon, there invariably follows a pause and then a misty reverie overtakes them. “You have to go.” “I love Bend.” “Bend is amazing” or just “Oh, Bend.” But when closely questioned, people cannot articulate what is so fantastic. Oh yes, there are mumblings about Mt. Bachelor or the number of brewhouses.

George and I would have to experience Bend ourselves.

In March we venture there. The house we stay in is right in town. It is two bedrooms, with a large kitchen, and cozy living room fireplace. High beds, with pillow tops, lovely fresh sheets. The bathroom knows nothing of the biting cold of winter —because it had been remodeled and features a radiant-heated floor. I tell George that I am ruined for life. The house could easily be mine without all my junk. Yet the house itself is only the initial enchantment.

A hike to Dillon Falls along the Deschutes River was lovely. We did this trail mainly because of the Gadling’s travel site article  (that features a great YouTube of the falls).


from Bend, travel 7.9 miles west on Cascade Lakes Hwy (46), then 2.6 miles south on Forest Road 41, and then 0.5 miles east on Forest Road 4120, and 1 mile south on Forest Road 4120 100






A morning meal at Chow ruined me for any other breakfast on the planet. The chefs like you to be creative. The menu said so. I had an omelet without the eggs. It was no problem.


omelet sans the eggs-they used polenta



we begged to know where to get these, and found they make the salsa themselves

And they make their own salsas, bottle them up pretty and put them on your table. Who does that?

The ski equipment guys at The Powder House were simply amazing. The first day they advised us to not bother going up to Mt. Bachelor. “The snow’s not that good today,” we were told when we showed up on our first day. Seeing our dejected faces, one of the guys said gently, “Hey, we just want you to have fun.”

They hooked us up the next day. The skiing was absolutely perfect for me, a newbie skier. The beginner’s hill is comfortingly called Marshmallow. And a  total blast. ski1