In Search of a Good Night

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Of sleep, that is. I spent this past weekend lounging with my nose in Dreamland: Adventures in the Strange Science of Sleep, and catching up on an out-of-control sleep debt I had heard the interview with the author, David K. Randall, on NPR and became intrigued with his challenge. He had written the book in part to address his own sleep disturbances.

ebook_imageAs I read, I reflected on my own tenuous relationship with sleep.  It had always seemed like something to be endured and to get out of the way.  Late party nights, graduate school, early morning meetings at work—as Randall says “sleep continues to be forgotten, overlooked, and postponed”. And that pretty much targets how I’ve felt about it.

The way I sleep is the way I sleep, and I can’t really know what anyone else’s night of slumber looks like. But Randall breaks down what a good night actually consists of. After a lot of research, and by the book’s end. he emphasizes that getting a good night’s sleep is a conscious effort, and work that is well worth it. He includes the strategies he used to achieve a good night’s sleep.

“Sleep,” he writes, “…makes us the people we want to be.”

Here’s the NPR Story I heard–and started on my own sleep improvement journey:

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    Cassidy 2014/02/16

    After reading the NPR interview highlights and learning about the man in Canada who stabbed his in-laws while supposedly sleepwalking, I may never sleep again!

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