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From the Light of a 737 and the Setting Sun

Bone weary from a trip to Phoenix, then Mesa, and finally on my way home, snugged in 28A by two seat mates, I took the opportunity to stare out the window at the beauty of the night sky, Over the loudspeaker, the pilot announced that Rainier was out.

And so it was, right in front of me.



Tobo in Town


Stephen Tobolowsky

George and I have listened to most of Stephen Tobolowsky’s body of audio work on car trips back and forth to Vancouver BC and Snoqualmie Summit. For me, his work has the “Anne Tyler” effect, upon which I begin listening in a passive almost bored way, and then the zingers come, one after another. And honestly, Stephen’s spoken prose has ripped my heart out and enlightened me more than I can say.

Moore Marquee






Moore Theatre ticket

I was lucky enough to snag two seats
at the divine Moore Theatre–a place where you feel that little-kid excitement at being there, knowing that an amazing experience is on the threshold

And last night was no exception.  This time around he is recording a new film called “The Primary Instinct,” so we as the crowd had to set the sound levels by clapping softly and then more loudly, then doing the same by laughing on command.

Then he began to talk to us, to tell his stories. And what he tried to get at was the theme of “Why we tell stories,” by first exploring about what a story is.

To be in the company of a master storyteller is the most divine thing. He’s got a few backstage pics on his facebook page.

Here’s an NPR review of The Tobolowsky files.  Enjoy.