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Oasis Above the Sound

Invariably, when at Pike Place Market, shopping and crowd fatigued, I find myself flagging and end up at the Sound View Cafe, which is pitched high above Elliot Bay. Some people don’t come here for the food, but rather for the incredible view.





If I’m lucky, I sneak back into the skinny nook area behind the kitchen where there is barely room for a table, the view is amazing and you can hide from the world at the same time. From here you can view Puget Sound, listen to the sounds of food preparation, and grab a bite.



Listen to the sound:

Sound View Cafe | Pike Place Market

In Search of a Good Night

unmadebed© JULIA

Of sleep, that is. I spent this past weekend lounging with my nose in Dreamland: Adventures in the Strange Science of Sleep, and catching up on an out-of-control sleep debt I had heard the interview with the author, David K. Randall, on NPR and became intrigued with his challenge. He had written the book in part to address his own sleep disturbances.

ebook_imageAs I read, I reflected on my own tenuous relationship with sleep.  It had always seemed like something to be endured and to get out of the way.  Late party nights, graduate school, early morning meetings at work—as Randall says “sleep continues to be forgotten, overlooked, and postponed”. And that pretty much targets how I’ve felt about it.

Talking Rocks at Whidbey Island


After a dream about a crab scuttling about in my living room, and on the anniversary of my father’s death, George and I headed for Whidbey Island to be near the ocean.

Seattle to Double Bluff.

Seattle to Double Bluff.

One ferry ride and a short drive later, we arrived at Double Bluff Beach.


Here we were offered a wonderful ocean view and something truly unexpected. As the waves came in and then pulled out, they tried to take the rocks back, and in doing so, revealed a secret language.

Listen to the talking rocks:


Float: Fremont


abstractSensory Deprivation.  I had heard this phrase several years ago when I pondered the exercise. The idea is you soak in a tank, with no light, seemingly no gravity (massive amounts of epsom salts that float you), no sound, and full privacy. I decided it was time to go for it. I made an appointment at Fremont’s Urban Float.  Upon arrival, I was taken to an upstairs lounge with an electronic tablet in hand and watched an animated video on how to float.  I was nervous.  I’m a bit claustrophobic, and didn’t know who or what I would be with senses “deprived.”

Hot Times at Trader Joe’s


Ask anyone what their favorite thing at Trader Joe’s is and you are likely to get varying answers: Cioppino mix, shrimp fried rice, pizza dough, slivered roasted almonds, frozen spanakopita.  I once followed two women around, as one was giving the other a store tour on the best food and shopped simultaneously for my favorite things tuning all the while into their conversation.

97382-GFCrispyCrunchyChocChipSince joining the ranks of the gluten free, I have studiously avoided the ginger snaps that had once punctuated my lunches and snacking. The other day, leaning heavily on my cart, I wandered past the cookies, the blinders up as I knew I would be sorely tempted. Suddenly I straightened up. Gluten-free Joe-Joe’s appeared to my right What? I thought. The world tilted a bit. Oreos made gluten free? I stood there marveling, when I heard a gravelly voice behind me. “Those are quite good,” it purred.