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The Affair Around the Corner

There are such mundane tasks as walking to the store to return a Red Box video, or heading off to the pharmacy when a neighborhood walk is in order.  As I wander through the neighborhoods, I’ll perhaps notice the fences, the lawns, and to my occasional delight I’ll spy a cat curled near the window, seemingly relaxing but watching my travels carefully.

My favorites are the cats who come to greet me.  It’s as if the fireworks begin–these tiny lions will jump off the doorsteps and trot quickly down the front walkways.  The utter joy and expectation in their entire bodies is infectious, their faces, like eager sunflowers, looking up at me.

“Hello, “ they say, “Thank you for coming.”  Some rub their fluffy bodies against my legs, bashing their furry foreheads against my shins, and others hurl themselves at my feet, bellies up. To me, it is personal and unique and I greet them with equal enthusiasm. “I have been waiting exactly for you,” we communicate telepathically to one another.  Many tummy rubs, and fingers massaging behind the ears ensue. Most times, I can’t even get a look at their name tags because they are squirming about so.


mtstradling/Sourced from Creative Commons.

Then I am on my way. My journey continues. Some kitties turn back to their homes, others follow me for a bit, stopping at some invisible property boundary. And then the brief affair has run its course almost as soon as it’s begun.

Until next time, my love.