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Stars of the Ocean

When I was growing up in the Midwest, I always saw the old brown dried starfish that was part of the bounty that came back from the ocean.  I thought that was how they really looked.

But to see real sea stars in their natural habitat–that’s been just amazing. I spied these gems on the beach in Tofino, Canada, during  low tide.



Talking Rocks at Whidbey Island


After a dream about a crab scuttling about in my living room, and on the anniversary of my father’s death, George and I headed for Whidbey Island to be near the ocean.

Seattle to Double Bluff.

Seattle to Double Bluff.

One ferry ride and a short drive later, we arrived at Double Bluff Beach.


Here we were offered a wonderful ocean view and something truly unexpected. As the waves came in and then pulled out, they tried to take the rocks back, and in doing so, revealed a secret language.

Listen to the talking rocks: